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Wheeler Industries has been providing Human Resources Solution since 2001.  Rather than traditional, dated, and ineffective HR practices, Wheeler Industries specializes in modernizing your Human Resources Practices into cost effective and engaging Human Resources Solutions.

Wheeler Industries specialises in Human Resources Analysis and Solutions to improve:

Wheeler Industries Human Resources Economic Solutions

For decades, companies have segregated Human Resources from business operations. As a result, Human Resources practices and ideologies have not modernized along with other critical business components such as logistics, supply chain management, purchasing, etc.

Wheeler Industries has experience in Private and Public Sector, profit and not-for-profit environments. Wheeler Industries has extensive experience in Human Resources Solution in Unionized Environments, as well as providing leading edge HR solutions for non-unionized employers.

Wheeler Industries is most successfully known for its exclusive service offering of Human Capital ‘Drafting’. Wheeler Industries has developed a service solution for organizations looking at modernizing recruitment, creating a fun atmosphere while profiling participating organizations as those who are vibrant and strong.

Wheeler Industries is currently offering 4 Drafts over the next 2 years; Corporate Draft 2009 and 2010, Physicians Draft 2010 and the 2010 Information Technology Draft.

Corporate Draft 2009Corporate Draft 2009Corporate Draft 2009

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